Who We are

From the idea of a Thought leader

Cfi co 2018

After 35 years of experience in the financial field, understanding the innovative potential of the market, in 2016 Carlo Giugovaz – one of the most important Thought leader about Innovation – created Supernovae Labs, with the ambition to facilitate business changes in the banking and insurance market.

In three years, Supernovae has become a rich ecosystem, selecting a portfolio of over 100 Fintech solutions ranging from AI to Big data, from Open Banking platforms, to Digital Empowerment, from Instant Lending to deposits.

Supernovae Labs offers an integrated range of banking services and acts as a bridge between emerging start-ups and consolidated financial systems, where collaboration is the key for creating benefits for all the partners involved.

Supernovae Labs brings together an international team at the service of some of the most innovative Italian banks that choose every day the best Fintech ideas and solutions available in the market, to seize new business opportunities and fulfil digital gaps.

We have been awarded by the prestigious CFI.co – Capital Finance International – as “Best FinTech Accelerator 2018”, thanks to our capacity for innovation and for the capillarity of our international network of partners.



Who We are

An International Team and a unique multicultural environment in Italy, united by the passion for innovation and a long-term experience in important financial institutions.

Prestigious Partners


We have created and live in a unique ecosystem, interacting daily with important and recognised partners through whom we know and define together the future of innovation in financial services.

Research & Scouting

Research & Scouting

We can boast a unique knowledge of Open Banking and we have a complete database of European fintech, the result of a focused and continuous research activity, which allows us to identify, select and implement the best and most innovative ideas emerging on the market.

Risk Partnership

Risk Partnership

Our structure allows us to have  maximum flexibility with partners and clients in processes and relationships, in order to offer maximum convenience and minimum risk. We share the risks and the opportunities of the projects, basing our returns on the value created.

Changes call for Innovation, and Innovation leads to Progress.

Li Keqiang