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Interview with Frederico Lopes, VP Sales at Asteria

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How to improve SMEs efficiency? We asked Frederico Lopes, Vice President Sales at Asteria, a fintech based in Stockholm specializing in AI Cash Flow for small and medium-sized businesses.


  • Hello Frederico, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to hear your and Asteria’s views on some interesting topics. The first question we would like to ask you is about the SME segment. It is an important market for Italian banks, but still little digitalised. In this context of profound change, what do you think could be the most useful banking and insurance services to facilitate entrepreneurs’ work?

Connect with entrepreneurs through their preferred channel and provide them with relevant services. As Anders Nordkvist,  Asteria AB CEO stated: “Entrepreneurs, smaller companies struggle on a daily basis with liquidity management; they struggle to make sure clients pay invoices on time, and the overall administrative burden is to spread out and complicated. They often don’t get the support they need from their banks.”


  • Why does Asteria plan to enter the Italian market?

The Italian SME market has huge opportunity for financial institution to serve better the Credit, Factoring and Fx space; that can be supported by Asteria AI Cash Flow Advisor in helping the SME’s and the Banker’s to analyse and take better decisions.


  • In your opinion, how can banks interact more proactively and digitally with SME customers?

Asteria platform will help Financial institutions to growth Stickiness on their Internet and Mobile App, because Micro and SME’s will have the Cash Flow and Cash Flow prediction on the palm of their hand; allowing them to take control of their business and take actions related to their Credit or Investment needs.


  • Why do you think the cash flow management service can help SMEs to operate more efficiently and banks to increase credit volumes?   

With the Asteria platform the SME can have access in real time to the Cash Flow and the predictive Cash flow of the SME so they can proactively see what credit, factoring they might need at the right time. And the Financial institutions through the automation of the processes can serve their customers, offering the right financial product at the right time!


  • What will be, according to your point of view, the emerging hot topics in the near future?

In my perspective the main hot topics for 2023 SME Banking Space will be:

  •  How can we improve PSD2 and Open Banking in Europe and WW to standardize information;

  • Enrichment of the Banking information with the Accounting Data;

  • Provide a better serve to SME’s Market that represent more than 90% of the European Economy.

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