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The wide and consolidated experience of Supernovae Labs team supports Startups in the development of their marketing strategies, starting from research, both system and ad hoc, using the international network and the most advanced tools and techniques.

A team of researchers is always active to “intercept” the latest trends, to analyze and make them available to start-ups and partner companies in order to always offer the best and most advanced solution. Supernovae Labs offers a varied range of services and research.


Market Research

Demand Analysis

A depth analysis to understand the operating dynamics and the main characteristics of the market in which you want to operate, which allows you to have a detailed knowledge of the identified markets and to create the most suitable strategy.

Competition analysis

 The analysis that offers a complete picture of the level of competitiveness of the sector and the description of the main operators and their characteristics.

Market research

Market research carried out with the most advanced tools and techniques that allow you to analyze and evaluate specific themes and areas on the basis of the objectives and specific needs emerging.


With the What-If Analysis, Supernovae Labs supports the Startup in calculating the value that can be generated through the use of the solution offered by potential customers; in addition, the Startup is one of the main tools available to define the most correct pricing.

Marketing Strategy

The steps, tools and activities to be implemented are defined to create a Business Model that has been defined, to generate value and achieve sales objectives.

Communication Strategy

Supernovae Labs offers its skills to define an integrated communication strategy, which helps the Startup to increase the brand awareness and achieve the set objectives.

of Supply

Development of Supply

Support for new use-cases definition

Supernovae Labs offers Startups to go beyond the analysis of the solution offered, evaluating and identifying new application areas and sales methods (Idea generation and idea validation), or supporting the Startup in modifying and customizing the existing solution.

Each phase and action is always followed with rigor and method, through market tests and checks of the product / solution, building or evolving the most suitable business model.

Support for new Products / Solutions definition

The support of Supernovae Labs team extends to Idea-Generation and Idea-Validation, to find new ideas and to extend the application of solutions already in the portfolio.

Supernovae Labs will support the Startup in the definition and implementation of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), identifying the main functions that the solution must incorporate and the key elements, starting with usability.

Each phase and action is always followed through market tests and product / solution checks, evolving or building the most appropriate business model.

Go To

Go to market

Business Model & Business Plan

Supernovae Labs supports the Startup during the definition of the Business Model, in relation to the segments and markets identified as the most promising for development.

Supernovae Labs will also support the Startup in drafting an economic, financial and business plan for the development of the most critical corporate assets for the implementation of the defined strategy.

Market entry Regulation study

Supernovae Labs team of experts can provide support to know the Rules, constraints and opportunities that entering new markets entails. An indispensable service to focus activities and define priorities and timings for the Go-to-Market phase and avoid unexpected events and delays in marketing their solutions.

Business has only two functions:
Marketing and Innovation

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