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Initial Check Up

Check up

A deep and pragmatic knowledge is the basis of any good partnership and for this we have set up a simple - but rigorous and complete - process for the initial check-up of Startup. We start from the mapping, the evaluation of the completeness of the existing documents and the consistency of the data that are used to prepare the Investor Pack.

We then move on to the completion of the information, to a possible review of their graphics and - if the Business Plan is not sufficiently exhaustive - to its revision and completion. Together with the Startup we will evaluate whether it is necessary to review the Business Model at the base of the Business Plan, paying attention to the human, technical and financial resources necessary to achieve the objectives and to evaluate how to acquire the missing ones.

Premoney Estimation


Supernovae Labs supports and accompanies Startups in one of the fundamental steps of Venture Capital operations, which is of basic importance for both offeror and investor: the assessment of value of the company before the contribution of new capital.

The team will evaluate the correct estimation, based - among other things - on the financial projections, on the ability of the start-up staff in terms of execution and on the quantification of intangible assets such as patents, exclusive know-how or competitive positioning.

Research of Investors / Funds / Grants

Research of Investors / Funds / Grants

A in-depth knowledge of ecosystem and its actors allows us to identify the contact persons and target-investors and enables us to properly prepare the Startup for meetings and related pitches, adapting them to specific needs and characteristics of investor. If support for Startups takes place using tools and benefits - including tax ones - made available by Regulations and by regional, state or community subsidy plans, we will be at the side of Startup to evaluate and verify the necessary requirements for accession and to follow the completion of documentation and requests.

Support to Investment process

Support to Investment process

The team of Supernovae Labs follows Startups also during negotiation and contractual phase with Investors, supporting them in the definition of the most important and critical clauses, such as pre-money evaluation, liquidation preference, anti-dilution, governance, etc.

Follow up of objectives and customer satisfaction achievement

Follow up

Subsequently, in Post-Investment phase, Startup will be monitored at regular intervals to verify that the objectives of Business Plan were achieved and eventually intervene with corrective measures if deficiencies are detected or occurred changes - external to internal - in context in which the Startup operates. The consultancy services offered by Supernovae Labs for this phase of Startup development are substantial to facilitate the success.

The challenge: have a clear vision of where to go.

Carlo Giugovaz, CEO & Founder Supernovae Labs