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Services included

To the SERVICES of the Free Membership are added:

Direct Marketing and commercial support

To support Business Development, contacts and commercial meetings are arranged with Partners and Financial Institutions.

The Startup is analyzed and inserted into the Supernovae Labs database in order to access commercial promotion and Direct Marketing activities.

Follow up and commercial analysis with potential customers interested in solutions

Supernovae Labs will accompany the Startup from the preparation of the proposal to the pricing advice generated on the basis of our benchmark tools.

Supernovae Labs team will select the opportunities and the main interested customers and will identify the reference people within the organization, to propose the solution to the right interlocutor.

Meetings and visits with the potential customer concerned will be planned jointly with the Startup, ensuring correct support for the sale of the service or solution.

Documentation CHECK UP

Supernovae Labs team of experts will give complete support to the creation of the documentation of the commercial pitch, evaluating it in relation to the objectives defined together with the Startup.

The professional review will not be limited to analysis and improvement of the structure and content of the pitch, which will be further validated by presenting it to selected interlocutors, in target with the Startup offer.

Networking and participation in events and workshops

Membership grants access to Supernoavae Labs network and participation in events and workshops in which Supernovae Labs and its team are involved, also internationally. Participation in events will allow you to get in touch with qualified interlocutors and to access an international ecosystem specialized in FinTech.

Marketing support

The Startup will benefit from the visibility linked to Supernovae Labs activity, starting from the website, where the logo will be inserted with the link to the Startup website, from social networks activities and through newsletters.

The best advice and the best service in financial services happens in real-time and is based on customer behavior, using principles of Big Data, mobility and gamification.

Brett King