We create the perfect match between Startup and Financial Institutions

The first accelerator in Italy for FinTech Startups dedicated to Banks and Financial Institutions.

Are you a FinTech Startup offering services for the financial world?
Are you looking for the best support to grow in Italy and abroad?

Supernovae Labs is the first accelerator in Italy specialized in FinTech and innovation in the financial world. Thanks to a team with a long active experience in the Startups and a wide international network, we assist your growth and your Scale-Up, maximizing the value and minimizing risks and mistakes.

We are active part of FinTech ecosystem and collaborate with companies and Financial Institutions to improve their channels, to find the right platform or select the ideal system in which the innovative solution will develop.

A team of professionals from financial services, with a extensive network in the banking sector that supports financial institutions on a daily basis to implement their innovation strategies.


We guarantee our presence in every phase of Startup development with an efficient commercial acceleration program, based on a Membership with customized solutions.

Free Membership

To enter the world of Supernovae Labs and access services for Startups.

Base Membership

A wider range of services, which allows to deepen and complete the relationship and collaboration with the Startups.

Premium Services

Supernovae lab startup marketing


  • Market research
  • Development of Supply
  • Go to the Market


  • Lead identification and commercial plan definition
  • Commercial plan execution
  • Suppor to Use-case definition
  • Support to POC definition
  • Support to Pilot definition
  • Support for the creation of Full-scale offers
Supernovae lab startup Sales
Supernovae lab startup capital


  • Initial Check Up
  • Estimated premoney
  • Investor / Fund / Grant Research
  • Support to the Investment process
  • Follow up verification of achievement of objectives and customer satisfaction


  • Search and selection of potential partners
  • Presentation of the solution
  • Economic negotiation
  • Support in definition of the contract
Supernovae lab startup partnership
Supernovae lab Startup other Services

Other Services

  • Leadership Training
  • Staffing
  • Organizational development
  • Legal Advice

Banks need FinTech and FinTech need Banks.

Hugues Delcourt, CEO Banque Internationale à Luxembourg