Supernovae Labs and Asteria facilitate access to credit for SMEs

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Milan, 02/05/2022  


Supernovae Labs’ independent ecosystem continues to grow with the announcement of a new collaboration with Asteria, a Stockholm-based fintech specialising in Cash Flow AI for small and medium-sized enterprises. 

 Thanks to this collaboration, Supernovae Labs and Asteria are proposing themselves to Italian banks, offering a solution for SME customers, able to help small/medium enterprises to analyse their cash flows in a predictive way in order to forecast their short/medium term liquidity needs and promptly initiate credit requests to the bank (overdraft, factoring, etc) before finding themselves in a liquidity crisis situation.


 “Thanks to Asteria, we are able to bring to banks covering the SME segment a service capable of generating new opportunities for interaction with SMEs and increasing customers’ profitability on credit products. The combination of Asteria, with the logic of prevailing customer risk, allows us to respond in real time to the credit needs of entrepreneurs.” These are the first words released by Carlo Giugovaz, CEO of Supernovae Labs.


Frederico Lopes, Vice President Sales of Asteria, said: “Asteria, AI Business Finance Manager pioneer, partner with Supernovae Labs, the first fintech accelerator in Italy dedicated to banks and financial institutions, to provide Italian financial institutions and third-party providers with access to a powerful cash management system that today is used exclusively by large enterprises.”

More info on: Asteria – Smart Cash Flow 


Supernovae Labs is a consulting boutique, based in Milan, specialised in facilitating the innovation of financial institutions by leveraging the specialisation of its consultants and the opportunities offered by Fintech. 

 Guided by an Open Innovation approach, it offers an integrated range of services and acts as a bridge between emerging start-ups and established financial and insurance institutions, creating benefits for all partners involved.

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