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FintechStage Festival

13-17 May 2019 * Milan

Following on to last year’s successful Festival in Italy, FintechStage Festival wants to replicate with the 2019 edition. They will try to connect more FinTech players and to explore all the hottest global topics – Open Banking, Payments, RegTech, FinTech Trends, AI, Identity, Data, Asset Management, InsurTech and much more.
In the closing panel of the Festival, Carlo Giugovaz will be among the speakers.

Open Banking

28 May 2019 *Chateau Monfort * Milan

After last year’s edition, this year the event becomes a real selected and restricted working table.
Authoritative stakeholders, managers and digital innovators of the emerging Open Banking ecosystem in Italy will compare on different themes and share their experiences.

Il Summit Middle East

29 June 2019 * Amman * Jordan

Fintech Summit Middle East promises to bring together more than 300 industry leaders, decision makers, tech innovators , business leaders & disruptive technologists, regulators, & academics, who’re shaping the future of banking and financial services by driving a technological revolution in the industry across the Middle East.

Insurance Summit

13-1 June 2019 * Wien * Austria

Efma Insurance Summit will bring together leading insurance business minds that will share their insights on the hot topics for today’s insurers, while looking at how the industry will develop towards the year 2040.

SME Banking Summit

13-14 June 2019 * Wien * Austria

The Summit has become a must-attend annual event that focuses on the challenges facing SMEs in the evolving retail financial services landscape.
The Summit will provide the perfect platform to meet SME leaders and work together to define a strategy and roadmap for successful SME banking.

Forum Banca - 12° Edition

29.09-01.10 2019 * Milan * Italy

After the success of the last editions, the Fintech Smart Village has established itself as the Business Ecosystem for the Fintech world in which Banks, Startups and Tech Companies present, discuss and share new innovation strategies.

attended events

Bank + Fintech

Discover what banks are doing and with which Fintech, how banks are taking the lead, how other organizations are successfully integrating new offering and business models in their strategy.
Carlo Giugovaz will be among the speakers.

CCX Forum

The challenge for today’s Fintechs is to understand how to harness tecnology, to deliver a seamless, personalised and secure customer experience. The second edition of the CCX Forum, powered by Efma, sets out to help banks meet this challenge.

Fintech & Insurtech Observatory

The Fintech/Insurtech Observatory of Politecnico di Milano University organized on December 11th, the presentation of the results on digital innovation in financial and insurance field.

Salone dei pagamenti

It was the first structured occasion for an analysis and an international comparison between young technology companies. The main objective was to open a structured and attractive proposal to the international actors in the sector.

Future Bancasurrance

Carlo Giugovaz was the moderator of the round table where we talked about new ideas in the Insurtech & Fintech field and about how the market is changing. At the conversation participated Axieme, Poleecy, Utego, Botsupply, Namu and Eleads.

Fintech & Innovation Council

Imagine the future of retail banking and insurance through innovation and fintech. There were collaboration sessions and presentations by industry experts, workshops and an informal meeting the night before the meeting. Carlo Giugovaz, was among the speakers.

Retail Banking Summit

During the 4th edition of EFMA’s Retail Banking Summit in Asia, the main topic were the key priorities and the challenges for the banking sector. Most successful banks & companies in the retail financial services ecosystem from Asia and around the world were present.

Banking Transformation

The 46th EFMA congress had an enormous success and interest from the subjects of innovation, including Carlo Giugovaz, our CEO. He attended the event to learn more about ideas and critical insights of banking transformation.

Innovation Summit Payments

Carlo Giugovaz, our CEO attended the “Innovation of Payments and Portfolios Summit” to discover the latest trends, leaders, the most innovative startups, tools and the hot topics in the payments and wallet arena.

SMAU Milano

With the presence of companies from over 30 countries, SMAU confirmed itself as an ideal space of meeting between companies and start-ups in the Open Innovation frame, where good practices made school for the development of various sectors.

Banking Summit

A glimpse into the future of a sector obliged to change very fast. The main theme was the evolution of banking services in the world of digitalization and artificial intelligence. Among the speakers of the event was also be our CEO, Dr. Carlo Giugovaz.

Heroes Meet in Maratea

It was the most important Euro Mediterranean Festival on Innovation and Business. Over 300 innovators from Italy and abroad and more than 130 guests created a program of over 60 initiatives.

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