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why we are different

We do not look at Digital Innovation as Apps or software, but we study in depth the upcoming innovation, applied on clients’ business to provide a competitive advantage.

Avoiding any legacy, we best combine the need for Innovation with the most appropriate technologies and business ideas, basing our business model on your success.

why we are different

We have a team of researchers who work permanently to identify successful innovative solutions throughout Europe and the world. In this way our databases always remain up to date.
The mix of our know-how – made by management, innovation and research consultants – is the basis of our success.

It’s Time to Act and Innovate

You Know…

You can realise relevant cost savings and reduce the capital tied-up in statutory reserves, improving the profitability of your institution.

You want to substantially increase your market share where you operate, and leverage the know-how into new markets, at home and abroad.

How the digitalisation and the emergence of innovative products, services, and entirely novel value propositions are both threat and opportunity.
You have to act in order to protect your existing business and to make it grow.

We Can Help You to Speed-Up, Because We Are Industry Insiders

We offer substantial first-hand experience in Retail, Private & SME Banking that covers all major front – and back end functions (Strategy Consulting, Marketing & Sales, Omni-channel, CRM, Legal & Compliance, Human Resources, Operations, FinTech, and IT architecture).

We Are Knowledgeble

We maintain a highly structured dynamic database of ideas, use-cases, and best-of class solutions. Therefore we can help you to define your innovation strategy, prioritise tactical goals, and execute with confidence and with speed.

We Are in Ecosystem

We participate in all major FinTech events and maintain an extensive network of industry partnerships, globally. Our special expertise covers open-banking, PSD2, new products & services (financial/non-financial), UX, and AI.

We Are Researchers

We conduct actionable proprietary research, geared to identify market trends, innovative business models and fresh solutions as they emerge.

We Are Passionate

We are passionate about FinTech and active participants in the international FinTech ecosystem.

What We Can Do For Your Business

Scouting Innovative Products and New Channels

Starting from our expertise and continuous research for best ideas and solutions we can assist Institutions in developing their own product and channel portfolio, customizing every single feature to create the best user experience for customers, current and upcoming.

Innovation Governance Definition & Prioritisation

Improving the innovation process by defining the strategic objectives, by selecting and financing tactical projects, increasing effectiveness and speed by introducing new methodologies (eg. Agile) and adapting organizational roles and processes, in collaboration with the Open Banking ecosystem.

Digital Adoption

Innovation adoption must start from inside, and for modern organizations is key improving the “digital culture” of all resources, creating and implementing efficient digital engagement programs, to support the new operational models.

Innovative Business Ideas

Thanks to our expertise as accelerator, we can recognize, evaluate and drive to success the best business ideas that are coming out from Market, Banks, FinTech and other challengers. We are specialized in analyzing and developing ideas to transform them to reality.

Obtain Innovation Grants

Innovation and Research can be funded and boosted by domestic and international sources. With our specislists we support financial institutions to take advantage from their investments, by leveraging on  grants and fiscal benefits available.

Innovation Capability: Diagnostics

Diagnostics can help institutions to assess the current state of innovation from a system perspective. We offer an integrated analysis of human resources, technology, organization and governance to build and develop the best way to manage innovation inside the company.

Best-of-Class Fintech Solutions And Partners

We created and are maintaining a unique selective database of startups, use-cases, business ideas, and best-of class solutions. We partner innovative fintech startups, scouted and mentored to offer the right solution at the best convenience.

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